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Posts from the ‘Xtreme Programming’ Category


Why Bother With TDD?

Does it really make sense to test code that hasn’t even been written yet?  Or to disrupt your development mojo every minute to stop, write tests, and refactor code?  It does if you want to deliver software faster, through better code, with fewer defects, and greater agility.  As software development leaders, it is important to understand that Test Driven Development goes well beyond quality control. Read more »


Agile Is More Than Process

There is more to Agile than estimating stories, collaborating with customers, and showing working software.  Agile is also about technical excellence.  And this is where many Agile teams drop the ball.  All too often, teams focus too much on process and not enough on technical practices.  If the effort, complexity, and risk is too great for your team to extend and maintain their software, they will struggle to Read more »


Building Success with CI

Continuous Integration (CI) is one of the best methods for promoting increased productivity and higher software quality while effectively supporting Agile practices. Development teams that are good at CI have a high confidence level in their software that resides in source control. And through automated testing and associated metrics, they have a good understanding as to the quality of that code. Read more »


Adding Spikes to Gain Knowledge

Planning an Agile project can be rather simple when all is known. When the market is predictable, requirements are clear, the technology is well understood, and the team is experienced in using all of the required tools, there isn’t much research required to complete a project. But for those times when all of the stars are not aligned and (God forbid) there is something the team does not fully understand, the team will need to dedicate some time to investigation or experimentation in order to complete the project. Read more »