Published July 26, 2020
by Doug Klugh

Moving Quality Closer to the Source

Escalate the value of software systems by focusing on quality as far left within the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) as possible.  By creating quality at the source, we can identify problems as they occur, build new knowledge, and optimize for downstream work centers.  Quick feedback will promote quality and reliability within our value streams.  The sooner we identify defects, the easier, quicker, and cheaper we can fix them while greatly reducing risk.  Accelerate work flow by prioritizing Structural Quality as highly as user features and ensuring on-going Compliance with Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs).

Lean Customers

Lean principles tell us our most important customer is the one (usually internal) who receives and processes the work immediately after us.  So it's important that we understand the problems they face in order to identify and resolve design issues that inhibit fast and smooth work flow.  We can optimize downstream work centers by enforcing non-functional constraints on the design and implementation of our work products and services.  These characteristics should be continuously and proactively integrated into every component of our product.  This will help to shift quality farther left within our SDLC and enable fast flow within our technology value streams.