Agile Training & Development

Following is a list of Agile training courses I have developed and teach on a regular basis to uplift individual and team capabilities:
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The Technical Discipline of Being Agile™

Agile was created by 17 technical leaders in the software industry who crafted a lightweight development process that was intended to heal the divide between business and developers.  They also established technical norms that would mitigate common issues such as excessive cruft, tightly coupled architectures, rigid code, immature test suites, technical debt, along with other anti-patterns that slowed delivery of high quality software.  This course examines the characteristics of good and bad software and explores technical practices that resolve the issues and enable teams to deliver great software fast.

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Understanding the Value of Agile Principles

Agile principles are intended to help deliver greater product quality while increasing productivity.  To achieve these benefits, project stakeholders must understand the value that come from putting each principle into practice.  This course will reveal the value to be expected by applying each of the twelve Agile principles.

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure for Agile Development

Creating an effective representation of the development work is critical to maximizing productivity and increasing predictability.  This course provides several methods for determining the most effective Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and demonstrates how to identify, decompose, and represent the work needed to deliver a high-quality product that fulfills customers’ needs.

Writing Powerful User Stories

This workshop provides hands-on lessons on how to write effective user stories, to understand why they are such an important artifact of Scrum, and how to realize their full value.

Estimation Methods for Agile Development

This course examines both time-based and relative estimation methods, along with the benefits and disadvantages of each.