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About is a forum devoted to the education and promotion of best practices for leading a software development organization. These practices include guidance on development process, DevOps principles and practices, software engineering, team member management, and technical leadership.  Common topics include process frameworks, such as Agile, Kanban, Lean, RUP, SAFe, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, and Waterfall, along with object-oriented design principles such as SOLID.
Doug Klugh

Doug Klugh

Doug is an experienced software development and DevOps manager with 20+ years of experience delivering advanced software systems for small and large companies.  He has demonstrated years of strong leadership in the development of modern software solutions through clean, predictable, and testable code utilizing object-oriented design principles.  Doug is a full-stack Microsoft developer proficient in developing responsive user interfaces, web applications, web services, and relational database solutions.  He achieves rapid delivery with Azure Cloud Services through continuous integration with Git, automated builds, tests, deployments and scaling using Docker containers within fully managed Kubernetes clusters.

Doug’s experience includes managing 60+ software professionals over 3 years as a 1st and 2nd level manager and providing individual and team leadership to hundreds more.  His leadership experience includes coaching for the Intel® Software Academy and sharing expertise through conference presentations, coaching, training, and blogs as a member of the Intel® Agile Coaching Network.

Doug consistently receives high marks for conducting technical training in object-oriented and component design principles, along with Agile, Lean, and XP practices, including test-driven development and continuous delivery.  He continues to extend his track record of consistently improving individual and team delivery, along with improvements in quality, predictability, and productivity.  Doug prides himself in succeeding where others have failed. His work has impacted some of the world’s top brands including Intel, IBM, Bayer, Fiserv, Wells Fargo, Bank of New York, and to name a few.

Doug’s passion lies in improving team performance, software quality, and productivity through effective integration of software engineering, Agile, and DevOps practices.  He is a big proponent of optimizing software delivery by running applications and services on self-managed containers, which is clearly the biggest advancement in DevOps to date.